Fullscreen entity screen

I created a kitchen display, is there a way to put the screen entity in full screen without the choice of the various screens?

Yes, but it depends on a few things like:

  • if the Entity Screen for the KD has an assigned Entity Type (it should not), and if it has a Button Header assigned (it can, but is not required)
  • if the Entity Type is a member of the Ticket Type (it should not be)
  • how you configured the Automation Command that displays the KD Entity Screen
  • and how you configured Navigation to the KD (ie. the Navigate Module Action has a Hide Header parameter)

Here is another example of a Custom Entity Screen that uses a Ticket Lister Widget… I call it “Pretty Ticket Lister” or PTL for short.

Entity Screen

The important thing here is to have the Entity Type BLANK/EMPTY. To be able to set the Entity Type to BLANK/EMPTY, the View Mode must be set to Custom or Layout. Other options for the View Mode will require the Entity Type to be set to a non-empty value.

You can have a Button Header and a Mapping if you want, but they are not required, and will not be used.

Automation Command

You can set the Navigation Module to Entity and the Navigation Module Parameter to PTL Ticket Lister and that will make this button automatically work without a Rule and Action. In this case, we leave them blank for demonstration purposes so we can show how to use a Rule and Action.

Action and Rule

The Navigate Module Action has a parameter for Hide Header which you can set to True, which will suppress the Button Header at the top of the Entity Screen.

The Rule is to handle the click of the Automation Command Button that we configured earlier, and fires the Action shown to display the PTL Ticket Lister Entity Screen.


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I managed to make it go to full screen, but when I update the order I go back to the navigation buttons