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SambaPos gdpdu capable and you get SambaPos 4 in German?

Version 4 is not available in other languages yet, however much of the system can be personalised such as automation buttons. Anything hard coded can not at present


I need a table plan, is unfortunately not yet possible with SambaPos 2 or?

Table layouts can be done in v3 and v4. There are many non-english businesses running v4 since most of the front-end interface can be customized to show any language, with no need to alter source code.

ok and how does it work? I just want to have the software in German?

Theres isnt a version in a different language, you have to manually change all the buttons into your language by simply renaming them

This cannot be done with ALL buttons as some are hard coded like in a lot of the back end, but the pos screen can pretty much be customised how you want. The automation commands (buttons) can be renamed and you can set the menu and products up in your own language, there is no setting, you just type whatever name/label you want

Hope that helps a little

about < SambaPos gdpdu capable
Here are more Information about the German GDPdU: (587.5 KB)
Its an export to the AIS Tax Audit Professional Software, for financial controlling

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