Get EntityTypeName variable (issue with back button for multiple tickets)

hello again, im truing to get the EntityTypeName variable ?
what is it ?
trying a lot of combination, searching a lot in forum, dont find it … '(

i want it to save it in setting programs variable and use it later.

Execute Rule if:	Matches
Entity Type Name	Equals	Tables

this, its not working.

I want to know, if the tickets is Tables or Customers Type.

i want this to fix an issue in fact.
i’ve implemented the back button view list.

The problem is:
if i click on a table in pos screen, i see all tickets:
on this screen, if i click on a item (eg: cheeseburger)
a new ticket is created:
like u see, the same table is assign, so that OK.

If i click on the View All Tickets button, i go back to view all tickets list like execpeted. (with 1 more ticket)
but, if now, if i select a product (eg cheeseburger again :stuck_out_tongue: )

my tickets is a new tickets:

.so i tried to get the previous info about entityTypeName to store it in a variable, and with rule creating tickets, i put back the same table on the new tickets.
@QMcKay mayby u got a fix to your tuto ? :thinking: or mayby its not a bug ^^

How to store Entity Type:
store entity type
close ticket - store entity type

still need to work and test the issue with the back button.
in fact the issue is half solved. if only table or only customer are selected, can do the job with variables stored.

but if both are selected (table and customer), need to find a way wich one (with the tag and/or stored variable) the button back view all list will open, and then which one will be assigned when creating tickets by selecting a product.

don’t know if that possible. still testing …
my idea, to my fit, its to constraint a ticket, to have only customer or table selected, but not both at one time.
could solved the problem, somehow, but not really solved :slight_smile:


there is a way, when we are on the Display List, to Get the Entity Name Value ???
i guess its hard-coded, and we don’t have access to any information about this screen ?