Get value from ask

Quick question. In order to get a value from the Ask Action do you have to pass it using the automation command option on the ask action?

I was trying to get a value from the user and I used:


  1. Ask
  2. Store Value
  3. Action

When using [:CommandValue] in that same rule the value was always blank. I finally used the automation command option in the Ask Action and a second rule.

Just curious if I’m using this correctly.


You can define values to buttons. I’m not at the computer to show you but I know it’s documented in the forum. Look up ask question and check out the syntax for the buttons.

Ok I looked it up to be sure. Make a button and define a value like button=value. Example 10%=10

Yes, I tried 1=1,2=2,3=3, etc… Then after the action fired I tried to store the [:CommandValue] in the same rule that executed the ask action. I also used a message to provide an alert. It was always blank.

The only time I was able to get a value was to create second rule and direct the “Ask Action” to the second rule. Then the [:CommandValue] was accessible.

What event were you using? Can you show a screenshot?

I’ve already changed it around, but originally it was…

Match -> Automation Command Executed = Print_SplitBill


  1. Ask
  2. Store [:CommandValue]
  3. Message/Alert [:CommandValue] - for testing
  4. Action -> Print Job/Split Bill

Doing it this way, there wasn’t any value sent to the messagebox. If you think this should work I can switch it back and provide screenshots. I just wanted to make sure that you don’t need to have the “Ask Action” execute a new automation command to pass the value.

It should work but in most cases it’s better to split the rules. I’m curious if it still works. I have not tried it in a while.

To get the [:CommandValue] you will have to use another rule.

The command value would be the one available to that rule when triggered if one.
You would use the command name in ask question to trigger a new rule and the command value would be the button name or value if specified.