Getting Error message as " Sambapos V5 pro. is not responding "


Could anyone help me with this issue , After placing order , i get this message a "Sambapos V5 pro. is not responding ".

When this happens, is the terminal just sitting idle? If not, what are you attempting to do when this happens?

Is the terminal wired or on wifi? If it’s on wifi, do you have a dedicated AP for just the POS terminals?

This POS is connected to remote server .As of now this Screen becomes idle and even if I clicked on " Wait for the program to respond message ", it loads for more time and makes the system process slow

To a remote server as in a cloud or a computer thats on-site in a local network?

How is the terminal connected to the remote server? Is it connected via wifi, or ethernet, or even cloud-based, as Posflow asks?

Does this occur only when doing a certain activity (e.g. creating a new ticket)?


Is there anything in the log file? Any exceptions?

If it is not connected to the remote server with a local network and the speed is not fast enough to manage a constant connection to the database you will have issues.

Sambapos is built to run on a local network with strong connection because it requires a constant database connection. It is not advisable to try and run it remotely over the internet or wifi unless you can get fast enough constant connection

Plus, if it can’t connect to the db server once it’s up and running there’s a pop-up and then an exception.

Here’s what happens if I shutdown the db engine once it’s up and running: