Getting Started in a PIzzeria

I am planning to install SambaPOS V4 in a Pizzeria but I am really new at this. Can anyone explain what would be the best way to set it up. What kind of hardware would be best? Should I set up a server and then share the program? Anything essential I must learn before?
I have installed it on my home PC and it runs fine but I think it will be great to set it up with tablets (Android or iPads) for the waitresses and have a monitor for the kitchen for the orders.So if I am not mistaken I would need a touch screen monitor for the kitchen so the can check the orders that are ready.
If somebody can guide me or recommend a good site I would really appreciate that I wanna get it up and running with in a month.

Hello… I have a Pizaria, and have all setup to work with pizzas and courses… would be happy if you like the setup… I do have some special features like promotions, and discounts set up for me.

Just give a buzz…


Awesome that would be fantastic.
Did you use a regular computer or any other hardware Tablets??
Any tips or tricks to make my life easier using the POS.

TRICK… freading as much as you can and asking in polite manner in the forum… there is alwasy someone to help or assist!!!

Hardware… I have two notebooks (lenovo C-50 and T410, T410 is the server) two ticket printers and one kitchen printer…

will do a backup of the database and post it!!!


Thanks I appreciate it

In this post you have a database, working database.

you should delete all transactions to start clean…

search in the forum… how to delete all transactions.


Perfect thanks again

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Hello Sir,
i have saw your post.
I am looking to setop SambaPOS in Pizza Shop,
Can you please help me.


you can refer to below.

Thanks a lot,

do you know how can i change the language to english??