Gift Card Sales online and in store redemption

HI Guys need to get some ideas or pointers in the direction. We are looking to sell gift cards on our website with a 3 month expiry on it but want to be able to redeem it instore using sambapos.

Thanks heaps in advance. Have a great weekend ahead.

I’m not going much help, but this might help people who are more knowledgeable. How are you currently handling Gift Cards? Preprinted, encoding a card or printing out a receipt?

I’m not sure of the laws in your area, but you may want to check how soon a gift card can expire.

Currently we have been printing and selling them instore only for instore use and redemption. We have been printing pvc cards using a card printer. But would like to be able to sell them online from our website during the festive season about to start. We use Gloria Foods to take online orders and would like to be able to redeem it there too along with our POS once sold. Might be a long shot but want to find a way of making it work seemlessly from the end clients perspective. With regards to expiry not sure anywhere else but here in Australia its normal to have expiry dates on Gift Cards.

What platform are you using to sell online?
What was your planned processing for ordering them online? Are you expecting automated with email voucher or manual processing and posting one of your printed cards?
If you use entity accounts you can set expiry date as entity custom field and automate in samba to use that.
Gloriafood wise I havnt used them so will struggle for ideas on that front, mark or jesse might have idea on that side as they have used gloria.

HI @JTRTech at the moment we sell them as a PLU on the POS system manually recording all details. But now coming into the festive season would love to sell them using our website giving it more traction. To make it simpler for the customer we want them to have a seamless experience so that the card can be redeemed on our GF order taking app as well as somehow synchronise with our POS allowing it to be automatically be recognised by our POS system for instore redemption.