Give Discounts according to user on certain item

i have noticed we can assign user rights through command button. along with this can we restrict them.

let say 2 user manager and supervisor can give discount on certain item.
manager can give upto 5-7% discount on certain item
supervisor can give upto 10%-15% discount on all item.

can we achieve this task using the automation command.

As you want to configure it product based you should configure min & max ranges for manager discount as product tag.

If it is a single product you can do it with a single rule constraint.

if it is for a single product group again it can be a single rule constraint.

Please let us know in detail how “certain item” discounts works for a better answer.

So is supervisor higher rank than manager?

@emre the discount to be given is against a product group

oopss typo error @kendash the manager is higher than the supervisor

so i need to have three mapping for discount button for each user: admin, supervisor, manager then add actions and rules but how do i put the min and max constraint and calculate discount according to the user input in the rule?