Given partial access to "Manage" Screen


I would like to give a user access to “Inventory” in “Manage” screen so he can access “End of Day Record”. Is there a way to do so without showing all the other options such as settings, users, products, etc?


You can. There is a entity screen widget you could use to display a specific section and also beleive you can make an nav screen command to do to sections aswell.
These are limiting to sections only, ie you cant specify a specific tab but you can limit to main groups like printing/automation/inventory etc.

Feature added to Navigate Module Action in 5.1.59 … allows for creating a button with attached Navigate Action to open Management to a specific Section …

Also, User Roles has Management Permissions …

Thanks a lot. I was able to customize the navigation screen to add what I need.

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I would restrict Manage and Samba Market from other people though, pointless having buttons to restrict otherwise