Global price change with a certain %age

Is there a way we can change prices for all items based on a percentage? Let’s say I want to change all products and put 7% on selling price and have the system change the price automatically for all items.

Price list would be option for fixed change but unless you set the other price not going to work for that.
Does it have to be on order line? Can’t use service charge/calculation?
You could update order action in some way I expect, don’t think you would need a loop, sure you can automation select all and update order action for price…
Would it be part way through ringing in/at end or could it be imppimented from beginning based on a tag or state as change price automation on order added is definitely possible as do for dinner inclusive packages at hotel.

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[quote=“JTRTech, post:2, topic:17773”]
Does it have to be on order line? Can’t use service charge/calculation?
[/quote] Yes the prices must be on order line. Let me try to use the service charge and see. I haven’t tried the service charge.

Service charge is like discount/round, it’s a ticket level amount.
You could maybe to order tags for the difference and manipulat on print template to now price after % maybe.
Offer reasoning and purpose and might be easier to offer ideas.

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The reason I am doing this is because we use USD as the main currency, we have a currency that changes rate almost everyday so I created three different portions with different prices for each and every product.

eg: Minute Maid 400ml has 3 portions like USD: $1.00 & Local Notes: $1.20 & Local Coins $1.50.

So I want to put say 7% of the Local Notes price to come up with the Local Coins price or 25% of the USD price to come up with the Local Notes Price.

The last two prices changes almost everyday according to the USD xchange rate in the street. Owh wait! Should I use different currencies? I will give the currencies a shot maybe it will solve the problem.

I don’t know how best can I do it.

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Lol curancies would have probably been the thing to try out before trippling portions for every product :-p


I did not have a cup of coffee maybe that’s why I didn’t think of it LOL. Thanks a lot @JTRTech . I am now creating different currencies.

You would need to write a SQL script to do a blanket change of prices. SambaPOS has no feature that will do this for you.

But what you should really do is stop using the currency that fluctuates so much as the Default Currency, and switch the Default to USD.

Then you can update the XR for the other currency on a daily basis and even do inline calculations on Bill Prints.

I had the same scenario in my venues and made the currency switch about 2 years ago to avoid the problem you are having now. I have some fairly advanced complex SQL scripts that I wrote to “automate” the conversion, because there are a lot of pieces to consider when making this type of major change.

If you don’t have a lot of Products and Order Tags, it might be a better choice for you to do the conversion manually.

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I have more than 500 lines. Maybe you can try to help me with the sql scripts. The automated conversion will work because sometimes the customer will ask how much is this product in local currency yet I can’t view the item price since my conversion will be based on the ticket total.

I was also thinking that if I can change the default currency and put Local currency as default.

Appreciate your help Q.

I’ll need to dig up the scripts for the conversion. As I said, they are complex, and I would need to “re-learn” what they actually do since I wrote them 2 years ago. They will very likely need adjustments to work with your DB.

You can read the following Topic where I “discuss” the conversion method …

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Thank you so much. Let me read the tutorial for now