Gloria Food Deals are not coming through POS

Hi There,

Just doing some testing for Gloria Food online ordering. All the orders are coming through well but only if they are not promos… when i tired with any promo the sambain shows a new ticket but it is not pushed to SambaPOS terminal… any advise suggestion?


I have made sure that there are no special characters in the deals or products. Same products when order without deals are coming along well to KDS and Waiting/Pickup screen accordingly. but no promos… i have the samba In version that was shared by @VehbiEmiroglu on june 13th Gloria food integration not working properly missing some order.

Download the latest version from be sure and setup a promotion calculation and set it in settings.

Here is a link for the file from kb.

If your in usa use this link.

Thanks @Jesse for your message!

I have tried the file from kb and triple checked the settings and tutorial but no luck. any other suggestion that i can try?

Really appreciate your time and message!

What promo are you using? Can you show a log?

Hi Jesse, Not sure my post got hidden by community…! Let me know if you got the file

Possibly forum itself filtering a zip upload as suspected spam.
Moderators like jesse can still see it.

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Thank you @JTRTech for the info… Good to know!

I flagged it for the mods to protect the customer information from being public.

Got it. Thanks a lot. I took the customer data out already just some test orders from my id are there. Thanks for confirming though.

Hello Guys! Just to close this Item!

Finally Samba POS Support team has resolved the issue with latest SambaIn version ( Special thanks to @Nizam who worked round the clock to resolve this issue… the deals are coming flawlessly now to SAMBAPOS!

Thank you Support team! thank you community!


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Gloriafood can change things and it may break our integration but we will watch it and try to fix anything that comes up as soon as we can.

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