Gloria Food Inregration

Hi Guys,

Please help im pulling my hair out with this.

Ive followed the integration guide and ive got as far as the setting up the Sambaln plug in up.

Ive managed to get the Gloria Food API box to go green however I can not get the top Samba Details box to go green. Ive Purchased all relevant licences etc and the message server is connected on all terminals.

Please point me in the right direction


Hi Craig, I can help via screen sharing your PC to make sure it’s configured correctly.

Its the Sambapos side of things im having the problem with and the licence in the store home page still says its not activated?

It’s possible it may be due to SambaPOS. Their server was down for maintenance in the past 1 hour. It’s currently back up, you can try again to see if the integration works.

How does it activate?

Did you assign the GloriaFood license to yourself at
Try logging out of your Samba Market account on the Windows SambaPOS application, restart the application, then log back in.

Show your sambain settings.

Hi Jesse

Hope you are well?

Come back into work this morning and everything working fine no idea why or what happened.

However my setup is extremely simple I just want this to get my order onto sambapos I dont want all the delivery times etc and Ticket Tags etc is this hard coded into Sambain because i cant find any rules etc that do this in Sambapos.



Yes and you don’t have to use it.

Hello @Craig_Farman,

What’s the last situation with Gloria Food Integration? Did you manage to establish the connection? If the problems still persists, you can send your Anydesk Remote Connection Program ID to me by PM so that we can check the situation together.