Gloria Food Integration not printing tickets

Hi Guys. Im trying to setup Gloria Food Integration, and Im almost there, but still, im having some issues not being able to print.
I downloaded the SambaIn, but will only be using Pickup option.
It’s getting order from online, and does print to my KD.
SambaIN seems to work fine:

SambaPos recives order:

Order shows up in KD:

But Im never able to print a Ticket, unless I mannualy do so. I would like to set it up, so that, orders are accepted, and automaticly printed to kitchen printer.

In theory, all items grouped in “Hamburguers” (Hamburguesas in spanish) should print:

If Im not mistaken, this is the rule that handles Pickup and Delivery:

As for the ticket closing rule, this is what it looks like:

Did some research on the forum, and got somewhere that i should be using SambaMessagingServiceTool 64:

I created an automation comand, so thar orders come to our SambaPos Screen, and when you click “Send to Kitchen” (Enviar a Cocina in spanish), they get printed to kitchen:

This is when orders get printed.
Here are my rule:

But this is just how we are working at the moment.

Anyone has an idea why im not been able to print my tickets? It has been a real headache.

I apologize for my english, it’s kind of dusty now.

The printer must be an ip Ethernet printer. It can not be usb or a shared usb.