Gloria Food integration not working

@VehbiEmiroglu I finally got a license to try your GloriaFood integration and I think it is broken. Everything was setup correctly and I have delivery setup as well as gloriafood entity screen. The two orders showed up in the entity screen to submit but when I clicked on them now the page wont load.

It seems like its crashing.
EDIT: I restarted the app and the orders showed up again and I can click on them and see the details but when I press submit nothing happens… submit button disappears for a few seconds then reappears and nothing goes to the delivery screen.

You can clearly see the orders… but it wont submit and create the ticket.

I will also add that in the KB it says to set the User PIN to onlineorder but the field will only allow numbers.

Ok i will send new version tomorrow. Now it’s in testing. Please wait till tomorrow. Thanks.

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Ok I’ll wait. I plan to modify the delivery screen to send directions directly to a delivery drivers phone.

Out of curiosity, how are you planning to implement this? Getting Google directions then emailing to driver’s phone?

I’m not sure just yet. I’ve thought of just texting it using sms printer. They can click to auto open their map app

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Yeah you’re right, you don’t need to send directions, just the Google Maps URL for directions from your location to the customer. It’s a good idea, I might implement it myself. Probably can send a SMS or email with basic ticket details then link to the map. If you are using the standard Advanced Delivery Management screen, you could store the mobile number or email of the driver on the deliverers entity then automatically email or send SMS when you assign the driver for that ticket.


Have you considered using we use that in our shop with GF. worth having a look at. It integrates with GF directly and can be used for free. they have a free forever plan. Also integrating your twillio account you could message your customers with driver tracking and similar stuff. Hope that helps

Edit: They also have open APIs to integrate it with Sambapos directly. We haven’t got around it yet.


It may have a free plan but it asked for my credit card info before I could see it. I’m not interested in giving them my card info for a free plan.

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Not sure I have been using it for nearly 2 years and have all my clients set up on it without having to use or enter any credit card details

Pressed sign up and next screen was enter card details.

If you want I can get one of the BDMs to help you out. They have a very good team for support.

Ill check it out when I get home. I just thought wow already getting card details. I mean I gave them my name and email then bam card details no other graphic or prompt just a form for credit card.

Couldn’t even see plans…I just don’t think it’s good to give card out up front before I even choose or see plans.

So I just tried to check it out again and man I really do not like having to enter my Card details to even create an account just to select a free plan…

@VehbiEmiroglu The test app you provided to me today is working. Let me know when you have the other features added. I would love to use promotions etc with it.

I created an account last week for a client it didn’t stop me when I didn’t enter the details. Just checked the client’s account is still working. When you sign up a new account it puts you on a 14 day free trial any ways on their premium subscription. Then giving you the option to choose your plan. Did you want me to set up one for you.

There is no way to sign up without entering card details. I’ll call them tomorrow.

I just tried, I get an option to skip the card details:


Then I am taken to the dashboard and all seems to work, no card details entered.

Also, pricing is here - and I clicked the “Try Free” button under the free plan, not the sign up button.

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Might have been my pc then I didn’t see that. I’ll try again on my home pc. I was on a terminal

@Jesse how did you go?