Gloria Food Tickets Duplicating Items for Promos

@Jesse good to know that you have a developer account With Gloria Food… I am requesting them for a long time to have an option in promos where we can restrict the customers for toppings… we have unlimited toppings custom pizzas but for certain deals we offer 5 toppings or 4 toppings pizzas… there is no way to achieve this… so every time i have to make an extra group(copy of custom pizzas and add modifier with 4 or 5 toppings) with that number of toppings and offer in the menu… then i apply promo to that group but again if customer select 4 or 5 toppings from unlimited toppings custom pizzas they are not prompted or promo is not highlighted as its not applied on those items… just wondering if you can add value to that thing as for pizza stores its a must have feature to have different number of toppings for different deals…Thanks for the time to read this and all your help…

Hi dear @VehbiEmiroglu any luck with this thing?

Yes i fixed. Please wait a little till we test this.

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@Jesse you can try with this SambaIn:

This one works fine with Gloria food Integration… all the menu items from promos and from non promo are coming fine… my beta version is 110.


@VehbiEmiroglu thank a lot for your help on this… really appreciated… Cheers!!!

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Also thank you @Tayfun for continuous support & testing…