Gloriafood/Globalfood 3d secure


Anyone tried setting this up?
Got client who been getting a lot of declines and 3d secure is not enabled. I had enabled it and then disabled it as it was actually not working and causing declines.
I spoke to Worldpay about acquirer BINs that are needed for the 3D secure config in Globalfood, and they seemed to give me only one BIN per card type.
I thought nothing of that because I am not experienced in this area. But on closer inspection it appears I would need multiple BINs per card type. For example, a VISA card can be issued by a number of banks and therefore there will be numerous BINS for that alone.

I am just wondering what others have done for this? I assume that you enter them in separated with a comma but have not tried this yet.


Typically in food business I don’t see many enabeling 3d secure. It causes a lot of cart abandonment.

Sounds like this is a question for Gloriafood and Oracle honestly.

Thanks am in dialogue with them now.
In the UK, 3D secure enablement is compulsory now. Leaving it off is going to lead to transactions being declined.
I think the transition is easier if you use Stripe, but this one uses direct integration to Worldpay.

Not wotj gloria but the 2d secure stuff is causing issues with hotel booking aystem, allot more ossues than used to have for sure, and thats with it on…