Gloriafood Integration in 2020 - Key confusion

Hello there

Due to that flew we cannot open our restaurant.
In order to keep some of the personal and to pay monthly one or two bills we would like to go for delivery/pick-up.

I followed Emre’s tutorial, enabled Delivery screen (thanks to him), and start to try to integrate with gloriafood.

GloriaFood integration setup has lightly changed since the tutorial was written:

I can see 3 keys/token in gloriafood integration:

  • Server key
  • Environment key
  • Restaurant Token

Plus, the key for “gloria” application user in SambaPOS

So a total of 4 “keys” for only 2 variables in the script:

  • var gloriaFoodKey = ‘KEY_HERE’;
  • var serverKey = ‘KEY_HERE’;

So which one corresponds to which one?
And what is the use of the 2 remaining ones (if used)

Also in gloriafood integration, have to setup an Endpoint url which was not in the 2017 tutorial. If not, I cannot save.

What should I setup as Endpoint url?

A last question, keys here are just some characters I manually type in, right?
It has nothing to do with mechanism lile public/private generated keys, right?

Thanks a lot,


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Hello, please use as Template “Poll Accepted Orders V2”
Like this:

And you can refer to this tutorial. It is up to date.

Thanks ! it works indeed.

The link above talks about a licence to be paid, about an executable, about fetching categories and menus (which will overwrite/duplicate my existing system category/menu) …
It does not look like the free gloriafood integration in Emre’s tutorial.
Can we still implement Emre’s tutorial or do we have to use the paying exe?


I’m afraid, but afaik this is the way to go with gloriafood nowadays.
The licence is 79USD/year.
About menu fetching, you should simply ommit the step to add missing categories, because as you correctly mentioned it will mess up your menu. You should howewer do the fetching, it may be that in your product list you get duplicates but this should not be a thing.

Emre’s was a proof of concept it was not a final product. The official integration is very cheap and works well. No it does not overwrite your existing menu. If you name products the same it will use your existing ones.

About product names integration …
I have my samba products, like burgers, in samba the product names are:

  • Hamburguesa simple
  • Hamburguesa doble
  • Hamburguesa Campesino
    So that the ticket is clear.

On my menu for customer (app on tablet), and also on gloriafood, I('ll) have:

Hamburguesa (category)

  • Simple (not “hamburguesa simple”)
  • Doble
  • Campesino
    (so it is clear also for the menu)

Is there way to make a “match” between the customer’s friendly names (gloriafood) and the SambaPOS products names in the official Integration exe?

I don’t see how to do, as I will not repeat the “burger” word under the burger category, and I will not put Simple, double, Beef, … on the ticket items list. This is just an exemple, I have a lot of food products.

Simple, cheese, doble, campesino, beef, chicken … can refer to lots of category like burgers, baguettes, pita, croque monsieur, triple, club sandwiches, …

Hi, what you could do, as you already say thet the menu is big, and this would also be easier for the ordering customer to navigate your shop is putting Hamburguesa as product and Simple as size.

Other solution to the problem, if the main food is always the category name, put the category to print before the product on the kitchen ticket.
like this in your kitchen template:


Or even:

-[=’{TICKET TYPE}’==‘Ticket’ ? ‘’ : ‘{GROUP CODE}’]{QUANTITY} {NAME}

This would only print the GROUP CODE if it is a Ticket other than ticket, so always when it is wether delivery ticket or pickup ticket. Then when you, hopefully soon, will reopen again, kitchen staff doesn’t get confused.

Ok, let’s go for oficial integration.

I’ll buy the licence.

However, I have a question:

It states in the documentation that the email address of SambaPOS licence must be the same as the email address of the Gloriafood Integration Licence.

The email address I registered when I bought SambaPOS in 2014 is no longer valid (don’t own the domain anymore).

What are the steps I need in order to make everything work?


You’ll need to speak to @Tayfun to get that changed.

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Thanks @JTRTech I received @plume’s DM

Yep …
Bought a licence
Following instruction where pointed to, but you can feel that the documentation has been done quickly and is kind of messy.
I never used the “Design mode” and just following the instruction is not enough to add the pick up column …
Deleting the “unconfirmed” column
Got 3 equally-spaced columns and will not be able to got a fourth one for pick up.

“Add a label widget …”
I added 3 times but cannot see it on the screen.

when some items selected and adding a widget, I can see it but it’s then part of one of the 3 columns (customer, waiting, delivery) and cannot divided in 4 equals columns

My whole screen now looks terrible … and surely have some hidden label widget all over the place…

Cannot find CTRL-Z undo key …
Is there a way to revert to the 4 initial columns?

I updated to the latest version on the server, ok (win10).
And now I cannot update on my 3 terminals ! (win7, please don’t tell me that win7 support is over since january, nor to upgrade to win10)

now my db version has changed from 152 to 153.
I’d like to revert to:
db 152 (I got backup)
sambapos my previous version (I got the .exe)

It still works with win7. But Microsoft ended support for win7. In layout mode you can control groups. You should practice with layout mode first.

Thanks …
I guess SP1 is now needed for win7 and ms visual studio.

Integration …
Last step … installing sambaIN_2.exe

When the Online Order application executed for the first time, settings page will be appeared automatically.

No it does not appear and I cannot find that page to setup samba … I am blocked.

Where is that? (and why it is not integrated in SambaMarket … weird)
Gloriafood integration

When click on smabain.exe in program file, I got:

I am blocked.


Service is running in the taskbar although the error.

Got it half working now …
In SambaIn.exe

  • both delivery and pickup are present.

In SambaPOS

  • Delivery comes in.
  • Pickup only shown in the Customer Tickets screen, but it is empty, no order.
    (It does not appear in the delivery-Pickup screen.)

Hello @plume,
If you can provide me Anydesk Remote Connection ID via PM, I can connect to your system and check the situation.

Sent anydesk ID by PM
Thank you

Pickup orders not shown in Pickup column of the delivery screen.

From the documentation

It should be Pickup instead of Pickup Status