Gloriafood integration question


I have been playing with Gloriafood integration and it is working as it should. Please note I have placed a test order using Gloriafood test button in the Menu section.

I have couple of questions:

  1. Can the data that’s pulled from Gloriafood be put in different fields? See the attached image, Gloriafood put the entire address in one line instead of breaking it down to StreetNumber, City, PostalCode.

  2. Can we edit the populated “Customer Full Name-Phone Number” showing as “Michael Smith-614111111”


It already does but you need to set your entity type template to show those fields. Name field will always be the combined format but it also stores it in separate fields. look at the Entity Type and Custom fields you will see them.

You can set how it looks on ticket like this:

Thanks Jesse,

But do you see below how the address was “142 highway st, 2750, penith” put together all in one field.

What I’m asking, can it be pulled as:

StreetNumber: 142 highway st
City: penith
PostalCode: 2750


No right now it does not do that. We can add it for future feature request.

Yes because this causes duplicates. Here is what happens:

  1. A new customer Michael Smith calls for delivery, his details gets entered for the first time in separate fields as follows:

Phone: 04123456789
FirstName: Michael
LastName: Smith
Street: 123 Street Highway
City: Alabama
Postalcode: 1234

  1. Few weeks later, the same customer creates an gloriafood account and orders, Sambapos will pull that information and creates a new record

Phone: Michael Smith-04123456789
FirstName: Michael
LastName: Smith
Street: 123 Street Highway, 1234, Alabama

Now SambaPOS will have two different records for the same customer.

You may suggest when creating the customer over the phone to be created the same way the online order creates. But this will have another issue, if they misspell a single letter in the “FistName LastName-04123456789” Format, then gloria will create a new record.

So is there anyway to have gloria and samba looking for this phone number only instead?


Set primary field as Name. Use the same format as gloriafood when you enter new customers.