Gloriafood order/SambaIN Issue


I’m having an issue with having orders showing up on SambaIN and SambaPOS.
What’s weird is that when I accept the order I get a pop-up stating:

Yet the list does not update, and no new tickets are generated in SambaPOS

Here’s my SambaIN settings:

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

I looked at the log and this is what is in the log for the placed order.

> 04/12/2020 19:43:53 {"count":1,"orders":[{"instructions":"","coupons":[],"tax_list":[{"type":"item","value":0.77,"rate":0.05}],"missed_reason":null,"billing_details":null,"fulfillment_option":null,"id":197314954,"total_price":16.22,"sub_total_price":15.45,"tax_value":0.77,"persons":0,"latitude":null,"longitude":null,"client_first_name":"****","client_last_name":"****","client_email":"****","client_phone":"+****","restaurant_name":"SambaGloriaTest","currency":"CAD","type":"pickup","status":"accepted","source":"admin","pin_skipped":false,"accepted_at":"2020-12-05T02:43:49.000Z","tax_type":"NET","tax_name":"GST","fulfill_at":"2020-12-05T02:48:49.000Z","reference":null,"restaurant_id":234700,"client_id":19125255,"updated_at":"2020-12-05T02:43:49.000Z","restaurant_phone":"+****","restaurant_timezone":"America/Edmonton","company_account_id":****,"pos_system_id":****,"restaurant_key":"*****","restaurant_country":"Canada","restaurant_city":"****","restaurant_state":"Alberta","restaurant_zipcode":"****","restaurant_street":"****","restaurant_latitude":"****","restaurant_longitude":"****","client_marketing_consent":true,"restaurant_token":"","gateway_transaction_id":null,"gateway_type":null,"api_version":2,"payment":"CARD","for_later":false,"client_address":null,"client_address_parts":null,"items":[{"id":262661492,"name":"Green Halo","total_item_price":15.45,"price":15.45,"quantity":1,"instructions":"","type":"item","type_id":7221422,"tax_rate":0.05,"tax_value":0.7725,"parent_id":null,"item_discount":0,"cart_discount_rate":0,"cart_discount":0,"tax_type":"NET","options":[]}]}]}
> 04/12/2020 19:43:54 mutation {createTerminalTicket(terminalId:"*****"){id,uid}}
> 04/12/2020 19:43:54 mutation m {addOrderToTerminalTicket(terminalId:"****",productName:"Green Halo",price:15.45,quantity:1,portion:"Normal",orderTags:""){orders{uid}}}
> 04/12/2020 19:43:54 WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

(I have put **** instead of some parts, to hide information.)

I’m not sure why the 400 error is showing up…

The product ‘Green Halo’ is created in sambapos and has the portion ‘Normal’?

Please sync your menu

Yes I forgot to mention in my post that I did this! I have synced the menu(actually like 7 times just to make sure) and also double checked the database to see if they were linked as well.

What version of sambain are you on?


I’m assuming

Huh, So I just made a brand new item

Drink Test

and it works.

I made Green Halo and Autumn Haze before hand, and those two items are not working…I’m not sure why. I can work around this by just deleting the items, and just fetching the menu again, but would you know why it errored out on the ones made before?

Something is different between the items even though they are named the same.

Does absolutely everything have to be the same?

I have different price points for takeout and dine-in(dine-in is the default) so when a Gloria order comes in it comes in with the takeout price, which is different from the default price.

Some items are not in the same category either, as I have things simplified for customers(E.G. for the POS it Sashimi is split into Sashimi Orders, and Sashimi Pieces, but on Gloria it is all grouped under Sashimi)

Would either of these affect it? (I plan on testing a whole bunch of scenario’s out when I have time)

Check portion of the item that is not working, if the portion is not named ‘Normal’ it wouldn’t work, if I’m not wrong, sync menu creates items if aren’t exist in db, if you created manually that item and you modify the portion it would throw an error.

If you have several portions you must define that in gloriafood too.

If they are named the same it would affect it yes.

Sync menu will create any orders it does not see… but if you have an order thats named the same but you changed its portions, etc in sambapos then it wont work.

You can do a few things like add a space in the SambaPOS one and let the online one create a different product for online. you would not see the space and it would look like same product.