Gloriafood voice alert

Orders from Gloria Food What should I do to give a voice alert to Sambapos?
With Action / Rule …

Can you explain more what you mean by a “voice alert” ?

Do you mean you want SambaPOS to play an audio file when an order is received?

If so, something like this might help…

Gloria Alert

Adisyon Kapanıyor = Ticket Closing

voice alert does not work

I want SambaPOS to play the audio file when a new order is received.

That won’t work because orders come in using GraphQL API via Message Server. Not all events will get triggered and they are not coming in via the open SambaPOS application (i.e. if you have SambaPOS closed, orders will still come in and will still be printed, etc.)

I am not sure if you are trying to trigger the sound by executing a .bat file from SambaPOS? I am not sure if that event is even getting triggered when the order comes in. But if it is, it may not be running the bat file due to the permissions of the Message Server Windows Service. You could try changing the Windows Service to use a Windows account with Administrator rights on the system (by default it is probably using Local System, which won’t have rights to interact with the desktop, therefore won’t be able to play an audio file).

Please note I do not know if this will make a difference, but it is something you can try. I know doing this resolves issues for printing via Message Server if using a locally installed printer.

:warning: You will need to restart the service for the changes to take effect.