Google analytics and algorithms

OMG every website I visit now shows ads about POS systems lololol.

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LOL mine is EPOS and that booking system website LOL

It’s because of “remarketing” and likely you have visited sites related to POS who are using Google AdWords or similar to show their ads elsewhere once you leave their site, in the hope you will return and purchase :smile:

mine is ony XXX and blondes jumping around… :wink:



Private browsing/incognito must have a factor in it then else sure mine wouldn’t be the same lol

I use Adblock Plus, but yes, the invasion of privacy that Telcos are doing these days is atrocious - especially in the US - they are selling your data to whoever they want… it isn’t just Google.

does anyone know how can we increase are rating on google

i seem to put keyprds, meta data and even seo free plugin but it didnt help much

does this help ?

want to promote pos :smile:

@madiha he is taking about google using your rearches to show adverts based on your recent surches not SEO for your own site.

SEO is a HUGE thing nowdays and is so overly complex, I downloaded a top 10 tips for begingin SEO and was like 300 pages long LOL

SEO is based on many many things, a big factor I beleive is interlinking, if you can get a link to your site from a similarly catagorised site with a hgih ranking it increases your ranking.
Interlinking is both ways so long as the linked sites are themed/subject similar to each other (you couldnt just link to any top site)

The key thing to remmeber is the optimisation is generally worked to offer the best value to the searcher and they find what they are after.
Its not like the old days where you could just dump a huge list of keywords into a site, they are much more sofisticated than that.

Yeah we need seo too. Who doesn’t ? :smile:

I refuce to get into SEO as its so hard to keep up with.
Do a few websites for small local businesses run by friends, their websites are more an image thing in having a website on their business card etc.
When they ask about SEO I just explain that if your looking for a wider market and their business type is something dominated by national companies that those big companies will have a very respectable SEO budget and its a constant development thing not just a once off and is not a service I am looking to get into beyond the basics.

yes you are right its far complex than expected

Only quick fix is pay per click adds but this is no simpler, if you dont optomise them you pay more, you get a ranking based on bounces etc from an add which shows the page is less well matched to the search.
But in a large market like EPOS you will be paying big money to get high on the adds list.
The hotel I work at was paying as much as 70p PER CLICK for a term like cotswold hotel and that wasnt even enough to get to the top of the list.
Although to be fair I wasnt really optimising them as much as I could have.
There spending on pay per click was £700 per month at one point and this was only because we had set a daily limit.

ya i think u need to invest alot to get to the top ranking…its sure not so easy

It takes specific knowledge and a lot of resources to do. You would need a dedicated team that works it nonstop and does nothing but develops algorithms. It’s very expensive.

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maybe we can help each other by putting links in website like if JTRTech have a website he can add a link to my webiste and i can add alink to his website

or if emre want to promote samba he can also mention his representative globally via links to his webpage. the representative could be kendash from usa or jtrtech from uk or QMcKay, or markjw or gerlandog or even me .


more of a interlink for better seo

While updating website for V5 I’m planning to create a page for partner’s communication info. I think that will help.