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Hi @emre, is there way to configure so that tickets from one department appear in Ticket Lister Widget for Google map?

I have two Departments, Restaurant and Take Away. i would like Tickets from Take Away Department to appear in the ticket Lister Widget only for Google map. Currently all ticket created in Restaurant and Takeaway department will appear. The Tickets from the Restaurant department is no use Google MAP screen because they are eating in tickets.

Below are my settings and current results.

I don’t want the Ticket from restaurant to appear.

Instead of displaying tickets from single department you can try tracking ticket’s delivery status. So you can list tickets only that have “Not Delivered” state and when they delivered change state to “Delivered” … If you map state changing rules to a single department only take away tickets will have Not Delivered status and only these tickets will appear in ticket lister widget. That configuration is better because you’ll have a chance to send e-mail or SMS to customer when package is out. You can read more about that idea from here.

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Thanks it did the trick, all i did was changed to “Delivering” in the Ticket lister and it did the trick. i did not have my thinking hat on last night when raising this issue :smile: