Googlemaps screen

i have tried changing the entity customer name(customer , Buscar Clientes Delivery, Clientes,etc) but still not working…i thing it maybe a bug

… this is a bit vague, whats your config and what are you trying to do and whats not working?

@greencyber, you need to dig up the original thread/Topic and link it here, because no one knows what you’re talking about, except maybe me…

Google Maps screen works lots of people using it every day so no it is not a bug. What has happened is a configuration error that you have made but we have no idea what your talking about because you have not shared any information about your setup.

My googlemaps doesn’t update the address. {ENTITY DATA:Customer:DIRECCION:}i didn’t change the entities name(Customer) ,my custom field name is DIRECCION:.

Ok so you probably configured something wrong… I have no idea what you did…I cant see what you did.

Could be spelling mistake, Propper Case use mistake, maybe even a typo.

Help us help you by showing us what you have configured.

Remember You set that configuration up… it was not setup by default so you probably typed something wrong or made a mistake… we have no idea what you did.

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