GraphQL API v5.5


We have an integration we wrote for our software that pushes sales through to samba waits for a payment and then updates the status. It all went wrong on 5.3 so I have not yet updated any of my customers to 5.5 and are all currently on an older version that worked.

I have also noticed that a topic has been removed now which was great for me when we were dev testing

I was lookig for any updates regarding 5.5 and qraphql if there were any. I cant seem to find much in the forum about building integrations.

I would like to re visit PM Pos as a guide as ideally I would like to have access to samba from withing our software (windows based) but I thought of the mobile client instead and run on a tablet. Its a shame there is no trial of mobile client as I would like to test to see how it works before reccomending it , There seems to be quite a few issues at the moment,

But back to graphQL guides if there any any new ones it would be appretiated.


We are preparing a new developer site. You can find what you need in there

Can you share the link please?

Not finished yet. We will inform you.

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Sorry I know I have asked the question already and so have a few others but I am waiting to try the mobile client for some of my customers running 5.3
The issue is on 5.5 our integration no longer works for pushing sales through using Graphql. Just getting 404 errors returned.
There are no docs and very little help (which is very unusual) on the new api side of 5.5.
I cant start to look at fixing our integration with no access to GraphQL to see whats changed in 5.5
port 9000 just seems to returns nothing now.
Is there anything at all you can pass on while waiting for you to complete the docs.
I assume there are still some integrations working.

This might be for something else as i havent delved into graphql stuff but does the port not need to be 9000+

9000+ is the setting on the messaging server but the standard port for access was 9000.

Looking at the docs for 5.5 it appears its just 9000 now anyway but not sure on that one as yet

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I sent you a PM please check that.

Thanks Jesse. I already emailed support

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The port can be whatever you want technically as long as you add the + to it. it’s the + that activates GraphQL. However, we are working on a new developer portal for it. Soon that will be ready.