GraphQL mutation causes error

Hi All,

More for info than anything as its completely my own fault but I will explain,

I am getting to grips with the GraphQL usage and was trying to create a product,

Admittedly I was trying to find the correct format for adding a product and got it wrong several times and have not yet found the correct full syntax but working on it,

I noticed after I got it wrong and then tried to run my routine for creating term and then tickets its would no longer let me create tickets and gave an error reply.

I checked the error logs and have this

[Exception Info 1]

Top-level Exception
Type: System.NullReferenceException
Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source: Samba.MessagingServer.WindowsService
Stack Trace: at Samba.MessagingServer.WindowsService.Controllers.GraphqlController.d__6.MoveNext()

I ended up restoring the database and then tried running my tested add tickets routine and all was good,

Again tried to add a product via mutation (wrongly) and again could not use my working add ticket routine so restored again and all was good,

My wrong add product mutation must be doing something in the product table and breaking the gql .

Using localdb not express so when I get the chance to try agian I will look for the db and see what changes are being made.

You can see LocalDB Tables and record with loading Management Studio like this:

Thank you for that link,

I did notice that the database was no longer in the mydocs\SambaPoS as in earlier versions

I will have a read through that

GraphQL works with localDB? I was under the impression it did not.

Not had any issues so far apart from the above mentioed.

Tried pmpos as an experiement and also worked fine