Gremlins are Afoot!

In New Zealand we just had another lockdown (from August 17th). On September the 3rd we were allowed back to work. Everything looked OK with SambaPOS when I started up again . . . until it was time to log on. I had to reinstall the license. Then at the end of the day I couldn’t do a backup, this was due to permissions on the back up folder which seemed to have changed for some reason.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

I suspect there was a Windows update that did something.

Windows update would have been my first presumption based on very little beyond 'its windows’:rofl:

Recently had a similar experience when every time we rebooted the clients system it would need to have the license reinstalled. It was his anti virus deleting some file causing it in my case

So both my ModuleSettings and Layout folders were emptied on September 1st at 3:13 and 3:14. I had turned the PC on to reconfigure my guest wifi. Pretty sure there was an update from MS. Both folders are still empty.

I’m assuming I can copy the required files from my test system to this one?

Just checked the update history, no updates on that date.

I also checked the Antivirus, no history of deleting or quarantining any files either. Also nothing in the Trash.