Gross Margin Report

Hello All,

Can someone point me to where I can get Profit Margin report in Samba?

Thank you all

@emre is looking at a good way to implement this, he has opened new post in the Beta forum so you may not be able to see it, but if he is on the case you should get a solution in V5 I expect.

Hello Team

When do you think V5 available for download ?

Thanks JTRTEch

I am hoping someone on the forum has designed such a report, or are you saying its not possible on V4?


Right now we can build it using pure SQL yes but that would require knowledge of SQL and you would need knowledge of how to build the report what should be included etc.

What @emre is doing is trying to build some easy syntax like report tags for building this report. This syntax would be able to pull the correct data that you need to build your report without knowledge of SQL.

@shmoulana 5.1.29 was suposed to be the last beta release before public version… we are currently on 5.1.29 now.