Grouping Payment screen

Maybe im not searching propertly but im looking to find a way to group products on the payment screen. at the moment the products are arranged the way they are ordered (I think) but im trying to get the screen to show the items in the following group format



How do i go about doing this?

You will want to group them on the ticket screen, thats where payment screen gets them from.
I have this setup doubled with my course setup…

a state updated rule will link in nicely with the course state you setup for grouping on ticket…;

You will find that unfortunatly the grouping does not refresh quite as one would like if you change the grouping as you will be whe changing kitchen course.
I ‘patched’ arround this by automating adding a product straight away as part of the update course state command, you probably saw the top of this action in the other screenshots from earlier.

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