Grouping Spirits and Bottled Mixers

Has anyone done anything like this?
We are wanting to add a drinks printer to the bar to speed things up and also ensure nothing gets missed of being rang in for table orders.
It will go inland with our tablet setup coming soon.
One thing I’ve not looked at is drink mixers… since we don’t have draft anything for mixers.
To save confusion am thinking about grouping to join the drink and mixer on the bar print.
Should be doable but thinking ring in spirit, ring in mixer then select both and click a ‘group button’.
Anyone have any thoughts?

All my Mixers are Order Tags …

Recipes are set for proper consumption of a Mixer Order Tag based on Short, Tall, or Shot Portions using Inventory Products for “Mixer Containers” …

Recipe for Tall Vodka uses “Mixer Container” Products

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I knew that would be a suhestion but dont use inventory - only plu sales report for stocktakes.

So I guess I don’t understand what you are going for.

Using Order Tags for Mixers is just natural. You can print them to Bar Printer, or KD, or whatever.

What are you really trying to do?

You don’t have to use inventory to use order tags. But I’m pretty sure you knew that. Why wouldnt you use order tags? That seems like the most logical choice.

I do, but we use item sales report for basic inventory so order tag wont be counted on its own as item sale of whatever bottle mixer it is.

Just edit the report so it does.

It won’t be at all accurate in any way if you do it like that, so why bother?

You don’t use an entire can/bottle of Coke or OJ to mix a drink. Not even close.

Set up your Inventory.

I beg to differ, they are not sold as parts, like gin and tonic, tomic is a baby mixer bottle.
I dont mean part using larger containers.

Wow, that’s really inefficient, wasteful, and extremely bad for the environment.

It probably costs more in every way as well.

I don’t question that but is pretty common this way here - at least in rural area.
Only soft on draft/not individual item is coke/lemonade.