Half Portions for order tags

Is it possible in Samba to create a half portion for something. The example I am looking at is that when we serve an alcoholic drink for example a Gin we serve it with half a can of tonic. It is obviously not feasible for me to break down purchasing of tonic into ml as I buy it by the case and most of the time sell it by the can. Samba will not let me put .5 as a measure.



You are talking about two different things. That would not be a portion… that would be part of a recipe. The Gin would include half a can as a recipe. It will track your inventory for half a can for every Gin you sell. You would put the smallest unit of measure that you use in a recipe as your base unit for your inventory item Tonic. So if your smallest unit is half a can you would make this your base unit. You can still purchase by case if you set it up right.

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Thanks Ken if you ever come to Cambodia I will treat you to a nice meal :smile:

Another way to do it… you can still use inventory item and put it at 1 can as base unit… when you create your recipe you can define the Tonic ingrediant as .5

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Portions would be for the actual menu item… so Pancake Supper could have a small portion or large portion each portion would have its own recipe. Portion is used for pricing not for inventory. Recipe and Inventory Items controls the inventory

Thanks again kendash.