Handling damaged Left over stock

Please how do i handle a scenario where stock leftover to the next day are damaged and are to be accounted for, rectifying the quantity on the system

Sure this was discussed repetitively recently, well in last few weeks (might have been V5 beta topic though).

Think there was demo/tutorial for making stock adjustments somewhere.

My preferred method personally would be to make a new/duplicate gift state and call it wastage. So to account for wastage at the end of the night you would ring in a bill and ‘gift’ as wastage - 0 value and stock decreased.

Typically you use end of day reports to adjust for wastage.


@JTRTech…thanks for the info… Though i use pos v4…would check it out on the forum.
@Jesse…thanks too…would just go through end of day reports to adjust the quantity

Hello Guys, thanks for the great work been done on this forum. How do I create & setup a gift state called wastage and begin documenting them and accounting for it. I really don’t want to keep adjusting quantities from end of day…

i have a whole setup including accounting for wastage, screen shot of the flow below

Add first item to ticket, select it and press wastage to enter wastage setup

you can now see im in the wastage setup, anymore items added to this ticket will show as wastage order state

press process wastage (setup as payment type) so what it does it pay for the ticket using wastage payment type so inventory is reduced and we can track wastage in accounting and show on reports

ticket type changes to wastage


Thanks @RickH…I appreciate but please could you show me all settings to which this is made possible as am having a hard time getting it done…

I have been able to create an automation command called “wastages” and also a rule called wastages rule which I cloned from “gift state”…am I on the right track

Hello RickH, please could you spare sometime and just show me the step by step process in achieving this…I think am lost now…

Yep will do, im in work at the moment and in the UK dont know where you are? So ill try and get a tutorial up and running tonight, ive been meaning to do one just have nt had time :slight_smile:

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Thanks RickH, I would indeed be expecting such…great!

Hello RickH, thanks…a, please have you been able to help me put together the tutorial as per your last post on this thread.

Yea RickH, I have been able playing around merely looking at ur images to setup wastage payment, and I can accept items as wastage and it even shows in the sales report. My question is its not even a “normal sale” per se…so it shouldn’t add up to normal sales in reports…It should just show the value of the wastage, also in tickets Menu it doesn’t show the ticket type as “wastages” how do I correct these…Thanks RickH

Full tutorial posted here

You can also copy this setup and change the wastage parts to refund and use it as a refund setup too, with refund accounting etc