Happy Hour and VIP Member Discounts

I have various levels of existing discount VIP customers ranging from Owner, who receive 50% discount on various products down to Silver who receive 10%. [already set up and working fine
When I start my promotional Happy Hours [already set up and working fine] how to I prevent the VIP customers getting the discount off the Happy Hour prices. I have tried all kind of constraints but have not found one that works

You’ll find some ideas here


I have set up the discount system suggested and demapped my original discount set up, all works fine except when the Happy Hour Triggers or I click the Start Happy Hour button; the discount then reverts again to the Happy Hour price. What I am looking for is - the VIP, Gold, Silver gets his normal discount level and no Happy Hour price.

The discussion linked does not use triggers or manual happy hour price swaps. Look deeper and you will see that the Happy hour is handled by rules/constraints and actions alone no triggers or manual price list changes its all automatic. I think it would do what your asking. Just research it some more.

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Hi Kendash
My Happy hours are random during the afternoons, lasting for 10 mins in any one hour activated by time triggers; the manual Happy Hour button is applied at the start of a televised sport game and usually lasts until the first score. I just need a constraint or something that says that my existing discount customers does not get the discount from the Happy Hour price list

What I am saying is you can do happy hour without triggers. And it works with the discount you want a lot better… Scroll down in that post that Emre posted and look at QMCKAY’s implementation.

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This implementation (in the same Topic that @Jesse mentions) does not use Triggers, and it does not use Price Definitions/Lists. It uses Order Tag Discounting via Custom Product Tags to determine discount-level (VIP1/2/3 or HH), and works by reading Program Settings that store the begin/end of Happy Hour to override any VIP discounts.

@outback, look specifically at the following Rule(s), and instead of having them fire on User Login or App Started, you could have them set or unset the HH times via Automation Command(s). You could even have an Ask Question Action to determine the duration (i.e. How Many Minutes for Happy Hour?)

Set your Happy Hour Days and Times via Rules:

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Hello QMcKay
I used your idea and it does the job and I haven’t had to change anything else, but very interesting all the work you guys do.

But I will work on improving it
Thanks for the input

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