Has anyone tried to install in a windows phone 8?

I am curious to know if there is any chance to do that, since two of our waiters do have that kind of phone…



I don’t think windows phone runs a full operating system but you can use a RDP app like pocket cloud which will work great but I believe the screen size will be a issue depending on the size of your menu.

I would strongly recommend a IPAD Mini. Easy to handle and perfect size.

Here is a snap of SambaPOS running on a iPhone 5 via Pocket Cloud App:

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We also have an Ipad mini video

Below is how SambaPOS appears on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch Tablet.

I use nexus 7, 2013, with remote rdp lite.
millet rdp for Android in my opinion

Windows Mobile 8 uses specifics apps, and can not use desktop apps.