HELLLLPPPPPP! creating multiple sub options for product list

Hey samba users and pros .I recently started using your pos in an attempt to go pos in my Thai restaurant.
I’ve been making the menu items and product fine, took some time. However I need to know if I can make this happen example:

I need to order a pad with.chicken and extra protein choice of beef. How do I make it an option?

(Noodles) with ( variable meat source)
With (spice level)
(Extra meat source if requested)

That kind of ordering is required for my restaurant.
I’ve been using the portions as a separation but it doesn’t let me add more in the ordering pos screen, I am using v4. This is my first day at it.

Look at Order Tags under Manage > Tickets > Order Tags. You may know these as Modifiers, but in SambaPOS they are called Order Tags, and can be used for multiple purposes, such as Modifiers.