HELP Bundled/Combo/Sub Orders items

Hi, I’ve been researching on this topic and still not clear:

What I’m trying to do is to bundle several products into only one selection with several options. Example:

For breakfasts we can select Product A which has the options of Toast or Pancakes and Hash Browns or Fruit.

If I select Toasts, the system should ask me how do we want the toast (Std, Easy Butter, Extra Butter or Dry)
If I select Pancakes I have another type of selection

Same for Hash Browns, but Fruit has no selections.

Also if the product belongs to a certain category (i.e. breakfast items with eggs), I should ask how they want the egg cooked.

I’m trying to do it in v4, but if something like this is easier in v5 we can switch to v5.

Please advice.

Also need help with the “Ask Question” command. How do I perform an action based on the answer?

We have solved this with suffix order tags in v5.

I have installed v5.1.46 where do I find the suffix order tags? Can you post an example?

5.1.59 is latest version I recommend using it.

Here is a link for you to look at:

Try this out see how it works for you. Those are order tags.

Hi, cannot find how to implement it. I believe that this is what I’m looking for.

You implement it exactly like shown. Test it out.

ok, maybe I didn’t do the question the right way. Where in the order tags I configure those suffixes? I cannot find a way to do it. Can you please post a screenshot?

I have upgraded to v5.1.59 and now when I create an order I cannot go back to the main menu:

In the image, clicking on “Close” or “Main Menu” does not do anything.

This is a database upgraded from v4.1.82

Upgrade to latest version which is .59 and then do them exactly like I showed.

Go to Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance and select Rebuild Default Buttons.

Thanks I works good.

Hi @Jesse , in this setup if I want to have a prefix that says NO and want to select “NO Cheese”, how can I do it?

If I have a prefix that says NO, I would like to have only the main tag (Cheese in this case)

Please advice.

You may need to create a separate order tag group for that because when you use suffixes that will expect you to make a selection from the last node of the branch.