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hi everyone, I am setting up a pos system in a small sports club , I would like to set up accounts for each of our members allowing them to buy on credit or pay in advance and use the same account as a debit account. There have been previous questions on this subject that I have tried to follow without success. Could someone please post a step by step guide to help me . thanks in advance

Ok so what have you managed to get working so far?

I searched “Customer Account” for you and there are several links her is a good detailed one which talks about the Account Setup as well:

Don’t forget you need to setup a New Entity - Customer and custom fields to your liking.

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to be honest I have tried so many things I no longer know what the starting point is, I even tried deleting the software and starting again but it only came back with the same settings, the previous thread was going back and forward trying this and that but I may have altered something that prevents these functions. cheers

Your using a database for 90% of the settings. Deleting software and reinstalling wont clear the database. To start over from scratch you should start a new database. Did you install localdb version or SQL Express?

Uninstall SambaPOS then delete the c:\programsettings\SambaPOS folder it is hidden so enable the ability to see hidden files and directories.

Also delete the SambaPOS directory from your documents.

If your using SQL Express for your database then you can simply go to Manage > Local Settings and Database then setup a new database name and restart. Or you can use MSSMS to delete your database and restart SambaPOS it will create a new one.

I hope you can understand why this would be hard for us to help you with. If you changed a bunch of stuff and dont know what you changed then we dont know either and it will be nearly impossible for us to help you unless you can show us what you have tried or changed.

When you manage to get the database reset and you start fresh I recommend going through the Tutorials section of the forum and read and practice those until you get better understanding of how it works. Once you get this understanding then you should try to customize it further. Do tutorials you think you may not ever use it gives you good practice and exposes methods you can use.

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thankyou I will give it a go

Maybe I should be asking a new question but I can’t seem to find where to ask this. I am running V4 and I have been live with the ordering for months and I just recently went live with the money. I have Customer accounts set up, I can’t remember if I programmed them or if they were already set up with the program. They seem to be working perfectly, allowing me to charge and pay the accounts. My problem is I just noticed tonight my cash was approximately $450.00 over. Not normal of course. I searched and did some tests and have discovered that on my Daily Report, payments to accounts are not showing up on the report, therefore making my cash drawer over. The charges appear to be functioning properly. Is this acting normally? I do not have custom reports as I haven’t needed it yet and I fully intend on upgrading to V5, I just want to get the kinks out in a Version I am familiar with. Have I screwed something up or is it not possible to show payments in the daily reports so I can have a balanced cash drawer. Thanks again in advance.

Post a copy or image of both reports here @Mully.
I not an expert but if everything is working and setup fine, then its probably payments going to tickets from closed work periods or just payments on account i.e. Sale Data on the Work Period Report was already recorded and printed on a previous report.

Again do not rely on my opinion but I have read it is normal for a WP Report to differ from Cash Transactions due to the above.

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I will try and get the reports tomorrow. Thanks.

Account payments as far as I know do not show of the standard work period report.
Charges to an account show as are reported as a ticket payment method (the ticket is paid by the account).
You would need to use seperate custom report in V4 or in V5 you can edit the work period report itself.


I have read other occasions where this is the case and I suspected as much. Thanks for everyone’s help. Version 5 will be implemented soon.

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This should probably be in the Version 5 forum, but I don’t know how to move it. I have downloaded and installed and paid for Version 5. So far so good. I am now attempting to deal with the payments made to customer accounts not showing up on the Work Period Report. I have read many of the posts and am completely lost. There is too much information and I can’t make sense of it. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I would like to see the total payments made to customer accounts so when I cash out my register the cash will balance. I will be implementing a Payout and gift certificates too but I will be happy to start with the accounts. Thanks in advance.

Hey Mully, try editing your topic and it should give you a “Drop Down” to change topic category.


Here is a start for you. This code may not be perfect but it works for me.
This is for all cash payments. you can duplicate it for credit card, cheque etc whatever you need

(SELECT SUM(Amount) AS amount
FROM AccountTransactions
INNER JOIN AccountTransactionDocuments ON AccountTransactions.AccountTransactionDocumentId = AccountTransactionDocuments.Id
WHERE AccountTransactionDocuments.Date > '{Start}'
AND AccountTransactionDocuments.Date < '{End}'
AND AccountTransactions.Name LIKE '%Cash Payment%' 
AND AccountTransactions.Name NOT LIKE '%Transaction%'  
FROM  Payments
WHERE Payments.Date > '{Start}'
AND Payments.Date < '{End}'
AND Payments.Name = 'Cash') 
AS amounts

add it to report like this


Once I got the typos I made corrected this seems to work great on my test system. I couldn’t use the Total Cheque and “>Total In Drawer|@@InDrawer” but I think that is because I haven’t scripted it yet but this looks like it will do what I need. Thanks for all the help!!!

Maybe I have not done something correctly. I created a customer account called PAYOUT in order to monitor “payouts” out of the cash drawer until I can create something better. I just noticed on my test system that if I make a negative cash payment (-20.00) for example it still adds +20.00 to my cash drawer. I was hoping a negative payment would mean cash out of the drawer. It appears that all payments positive or negative are all showing as cash into the drawer. I have just verified that this affects all my customer accounts and Gift Certificate accounts. Is there a simple fix to the script that would fix this or have I made an error?

You would be better to create a petty cash system for drawer payouts see my tutorial for petty cash


I was looking at that one and a few others. I’m sure I will go that way in the near future. My main concern now is my day’s end. I am having a very hard time getting my cash drawer to balance. I thought the script above was doing the trick and I was trying to work around it to get the drawer to balance. I don’t understand the scripting at all but I am starting to grasp the automation commands and the accounts a little. Thanks for your suggestion.

I downloaded the zip files and it seemed to work fine and then I screwed up the mappings I think. I have reset and will know better next time. Thanks for all your help. I’ll get this figured out soon.