Help getting started

I downloaded SambaPos 4 to use in our social restaurant.
Is there somewhere an overview with basic information on the user interfaces and basic concepts?
Find it very hard to get my way around in the programm at the moment.
I found the wiki page, but there are no links to most information.

Or is there a good way to find this information on the forum. Cause now I am randomly digging in information and only partly finding what I need.



Best way to get around is to try it out, learn from forums (you can use the search to find what you need) and ask questions if you cant understand how something is done (and you cant find it on forum)

I would recommend you to write your needs, this way we can understand your process, your work flow and help you up with advice, tips, tutorials or links to what you need.

Hello @SvenSchroeders glad you found the community!

Like what @sabata said the forum is your best tool. Utilize the search function and check out the categories specifically tutorials category. Start following the tutorials even if you do not think you will use that particular feature just by practicing with them you will learn how SambaPOS works and eventually be able to set it up how you want it.

Here is a good tutorial to start with.

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