Help! How do i close payment

Oke… the computr crashed. i have managed te get samba going agian with all the products. Als the ticket can be printed.
I lost te option to choose a payment. I think i have got the option back but not in the right place. When i choos te option to pay with pin or cash the ticket remanis open. The order doen’s nog go away.

How can i fix this.
The person who setup the system is on vacation and unreachuble.

If you can help, THANKS!

Now i also lost the ability to start up a now order… :frowning:

as I types in the other post…

rename your database to whatever you like, install samba again, and try to start fresh from there…
try to do small stpes changing rules and actions, and do a backup every time you feel that a change is going to mess up configuration.


oke… i’m sorry… my programmer is unavalible right now. I’m doing the best i can but i don’t know how to make a back-up of alle the product (list) i typed/make in het menu. Is it easy to do? Cause it was a lot of work to get them alle in.

Thanks for helping me!

you just rename the database,
go to
My documents
and find the

rename that file to whatever you want, and then reinstall.

try if everything works, and then start all over…


Oke… i renamed the file, un install and installd again. Now it makes a extra file with the original name (Sambapos3.SDF). When i throw it away it makes a new. When i rename the old file backt to the original name is does not make an extra copy. And when i open Samba all the items are there. But also the errors i wanted restor. Everything is still te same…

I think i’ll begin again, clean Uninstall an install again and put in the products again by hand.

Thanks for your advice.