Help on a cash up Tutorial

Hi guys we (me and my Team) are relative new to Sambapos we have been trying to get our self together and it is coming a long
.I would appreciate if you guys could send or link us with a cashup tutorial i have been going true the forum and saw rick tutorial 17 it is not completed saw a few database downloaded it but needs modification so best if some one can please help out i am willing to trow in a small fee for the help if necessary

Hi @MarkNarsingh,

SambaPOS is an automation software, there are few out of the box things and most of the things can be customized to match your expectations, but will require learning or paid support (you can post in Ads).

What exactly are you looking for? There are many ways to account for starting/end till float.

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HI there sorry. but this is what i was talking about i tried changing the currency
and add euro but then it stopped working so any wone can help out

Hi @MarkNarsingh,

that’s a custom feature that probably involves a lot of moving parts (not an out of the box feature). I dont think anyone on this forum can assist you with this as its entirely custom made.

If someone else setup this for you, I would recommend you to contact them and brief them on changes you want to do.

Otherwise make a post in Ads section, explain your use case in detail and someone will offer you a price or an hourly rate to make these changes.

could you share more details here.