Help understanding the database structure for Orders

have you tested to see if it updates once you press the close button?

To my understanding, as long as the ticket isn’t closed or in a state of submitted, or in any state that is writing to database, then it isn’t writing anything to the db as yet. Once the close button is pressed, or the ticket is settled, then it begins writing the information into the db and saving it.

So I’d check if it will show once you press the close button, then re run that script of yours and see the results.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding :stuck_out_tongue:

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He was never really clear on what he was doing. Until that it’s hard to give good answers.

If my answer was what he was after, then I suppose in one way, I kinda figured that when I went back to re read his original post.

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Just to add my thoughts given I had to do a bit of work with orders for my PMS API scripts there are a few things needed to correctly deal with orders, including order tags and the ‘calculate price’ option used with gifts and voids which dont change the order price but makes the price ignored for ticket total.
Also dont forget there is the facility to override an orders price…
If i remember correctly (but it was a while ago now) tags also work differently when selecting the include in order price option for the tag.

i hope you are fine and enjoy good health.
i just want to know that how i can get this Database for SambaPOS.

What database? The software creates a stock database on install.
The only thing shown in this topic is order tags which can easily be created. Perhaps elaborate on your request.

i have download the software sambaPOS 3.0.35 but i also need SQL server database of SambaPOS

This forum is for v5. But go to microsoft to get the SQL express.

No you didn’t understand my query i have download the source code of sambapos v3.0.35 and i also need Database Structure of SambaPOS

Ok go to for v3. You will not get what you want here.