Help with CID popup

On CID_Event a message is broadcast. Mapped terminals are to display the popup. Then when the popup is clicked, an automation command is executed to give focus to the relevant custom entity screen and the set the widget value.

When the entity screen already has focus, the number is set and stays on the widget. However, if the entity screen does not already have focus, the number appears but then disappears.

I tried to only set the widget value on popup clicked but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Any tips/thoughts?



Rule for CID_Event

Rule for message received:

Rule for automation command on popup click:

Al of that is built in to the module. You do not need to automate that. I’m curious why?

It’s so another terminal can handle the incoming call without the need for another CID device. But on the terminal connected to the CID device, the addon is working as it should.

It should broadcast it for any terminal to use it. You don’t need another device. Hmm it should popup on them all.

You mean the default device like “Generic Modem” would broadcast to all terminals? I never thought it did that. Are you sure that works as I’ve had problems myself getting CID working across terminals using broadcast message.

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From what I gather, the generic modem add-on calls local-only methods for the popup display.

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the only way I can get it to work is by introducing a 1s delay before the widget is updated

No sitch any more. Just a delay in automation solved the issue.

I only bring this up because I know people/users are impatient, but have you tried using a number less than 1? .5 .25 or 1

I did a few tests using 2 program settings for time. It looks likes it will run less than a second.

At 500ms it was a no go; 600ms was hit and miss; 800ms+ seems solid.

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It’s there a noticable difference?

Is there a noticeable difference?

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference between the speed with which the generic modem add-on populates the widget and the automation responding to the broadcast message.