Help with connecting to sql over internet

HI everyone,
I’m just playing around and trying to connect to my SambaPOS from a remote location. I have allowed access to port 1433 and 1434 through the firewall.

However when I enter the connection string into my remote installation of SambaPOS it is not connecting, are there any other ports I need to forward? and should I be entering the connection string in my ‘local settings’ in the same way as I would for a lan connection?
I have basically changed the address from being ‘data source = localhost\SAMBAPOS4’ to ‘data source = http://url of sql server/SAMBAPOS4’ followed by USER ID & PASSWORD

any help with this would be great … Thanks


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Have you tried with only url (name or ip address) without “http://” part?

instead of http:// because it is not a web service… try just your web IP address that it is sitting on. You need to open the ports in windows firewall as well as your routers firewall. Its not advisable to open it up like that however. your exposing the entire setup to web.

your better off connecting via remote connection services instead of directly to the database so your database is hidden from web.

remove the http part. just use the ip address. make sure the port 1433 is accessible from the SambaPOS terminal. Try to use tools such as telnet/putty to test the port.