Help with customer account and payments?

Hello, I recently switched from another software to Samba. I would like to know if I can bring customer account balances so that I can completely rely on Samba. Also I’ve some customers who I give discount at the time of payment. How do I give discounts to customers during payments? For example I charge 10% for all account payments. When customer pay their dues within 30 days I deduct this amount from their account and receive their balance. Please help.

In SambaPOS accounting an account balance can’t come from nowhere so you need to setup a new account to track that balance.

I created a new Account Type named as Setup Accounts and created “Customer Balance Setup” account in it. You can name them better for your purpose.

I also created a new Account Transaction type like that.

I’ll need a transaction document setup for that. You need to include that transaction type by clicking “Add Account Transaction Type” link.

From batch create section enable this setting. Also from Mappings screen add a default mapping.

Be sure customer accounts type added to default account screen.

Now when you click on Accounts button you’ll see a new button here.

Clicking it will display “Batch Document Creator”

Type desired balances and click “Create” Button.

Now Customers have their default balances. When you’re done you can delete (or unmap) Account Transaction Document type.