Help With Mappings

I Have created 2 Automation Commands 2 Actions and 2 Rules for the following :-

  1. When a ticket is created I have a button that the kitchen use to set the order status to ready once food is ‘ready’
  2. I have a button that the waiter uses once the food is served.

Both buttons work - they update the order status and they also change the entity state. Really Happy with how this is working.

The issue that I have is that I only want the buttons to be visible and available once a new order has been submitted for the first button and the second button (served) to only be visible and available once the order state has changed to ‘Ready’

in my mapping for the ‘automation commands’ I have tried many ways to change this but don’t know what the syntax should be.

Example I have tried setting the ‘Enabled States’ & ‘Visibility States’ to Submitted but this doesn’t show the button and I’m not sure what needs to be in the ‘Enabled States’ & ‘Visibility States’ fields to only display the button once the order state is ‘Submitted’ for the first button and ‘Ready’ for the second button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Hello Rob.

“Submitted” state is an order state so it works when you select an order. Did you mapped button to order line or ticket?

Hi Emre
I have mapped this to ‘Ticket’ - just changed to order line and it is now showing. Emre! you are a GENIUS :slight_smile: thank you for your prompt reply and help!

Best Regards


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Rob, I’m new and I’m learning fast from @emre and others. Thanks to all.
Can you please tell us/show us how did you create the 2 automation commands? in one way it will become more like a tutorial and in other way it help us duplicate your findings.

Thanks in advance

@safisam I will try and find time to document how and what I did :slight_smile: I’m just in the middle of building a new server to run SAMBAPOS V4 so unable to create screen shots etc at the moment. Took delivery of Thermal printer and Till Drawer today so have spent quite a bit of time creating printer templates and adding functionality to make the cash drawer kick when required! Really pleased with the outcome and really impressed with SAMBAPOS. with a little tweaking and trial and error I now have a system that is bespoke to our business and works like a dream :slight_smile:

@windinghouse thank you, looking forward to your input
I’ll be opening my restaurant in a couple of months and I’m just starting to learn about Sambapos. this is a great tool indeed.Haven’t purchased printers not touch screen yet, will be doing that shortly.