Help with Number count in reports

What i want to do is add a count value to some of my report detail, for example in my takings report where i have the different vouchers listed and their value i want to also know the number of vouchers taken, for card sales i want to know the number of card transactions made etc etc

i saw another post where someone had asked something similar and i used the tag that was given, however that tag just gives the total monetary value and not the transaction count

This is what i used for one of my voucher lines in my report:

[Vouchers:5, 3, 5]
>>Tender Type|Count|Value
Voucher £5 OFF|[=F(TN('{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Voucher Discount £5)}'),'0')/-5]|£[=F(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Voucher - £5 OFF}'),'0.00')]

I realised that {REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL} was giving me the total value of the vouchers, eg i process three £5 vouchers and the report was showing £15 instead of 3 and also was showing a minus number, so i added /-5 so that the expression now gave me a positive number for the amount of vouchers used. This works ok as this voucher is always £5

I know i havent used the correct tag and i cant use the ‘workaround’ for my 10% discount voucher as the monetary value of 10% would always be different. I also want to track the number of card transactions processed, the number of customers discounts processed etc etc as well as the total value

Can someone tell me the correct tag/format to show the number of different types of payments/calculations taken, not just the monetary value

ive highlighted below how i want it to look in the report and you can see the output for my £5 voucher as explained above

Sorry for quick and untested reply but did you tried {REPORT CALCULATION COUNT:<expression>} tag?

Excellent works perfect thanks @emre!!

is there a {REPORT ACCOUNT DOCUMENT TYPE COUNT} tag or something similar.

i want to also show a count for the number of petty cash transactions processed and as this is setup as an account transaction document i cant use CALCULATION COUNT or PAYMENT COUNT as petty cash isnt any of these and i cant see anything in the tag list that would work for this?

OK. I’ll add {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION COUNT:X} tag for next version.

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Also could there be an easy way to ‘count’ the number of times an automation command is pressed, for example my open drawer button to log how many times the cash drawer is opened?

is a tag such as {AUTOMATION COMMAND COUNT:X} something that could be done? then i could use {AUTOMATION COMMAND COUNT:Open Drawer} to use in reports to log the number of times the button is pressed and drawer opened?

No… You should configure a program setting and increment it by update program setting action.

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