Help with ticket template

Hi, i want to achieve a black solid line with white text in the center on my kitchen receipt, i have attached an image to help you to understand what i am after.


Have you tried <T> think its ::::::::::::::::::xxxxx:::::::::::::::::::: rathe rthan block like that but never used myself.

yeah tried that earlier, ends up with this, not exactly what i want.

It might be an XCT code printer function.
Although reports do achive this with the >> but never tried in ticket template.

hmm, sounds like that might be the issue,

cool let me give that a try.

Check the printer manual for command codes. guessing it will be something like invert.

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no luck, nothing in there in regards to command codes.

star tsp600 manual link

You probably need to use HTML printer type and use formatting to achieve what you want.

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User Manuals rarely have any decent useful information.

This is the manual you need, found with searching Google for “TSP600 esc pos” …

tsp678pm.pdf (1.3 MB)

Not sure which one you need (Inverted or Highlighted), but you can turn both on and off. Convert the Hex codes to decimal, and send them to the printer using <XCT>DecimalCode(s), for example…

Turn ON Inverted Printing (Hex:0F, Decimal:15):


Turn OFF Inverted Printing (Hex:12, Decimal:18):


When you need to send multiple codes, separate them with comma(s)…

Turn ON Highlight Printing (Hex:1B 34, Decimal:27 52):


Turn OFF Highlight Printing (Hex:1B 35, Decimal:27 53):



So below is my kitchen orders template, how would i highlight the KITCHEN text only, tried the codes but no luck, maybe i was doing it wrong.

You dont want to use T for every line, this is the TITLE tag.
Read this and use <Cxx> <Lxx> and <Jxx> replacing xx with numbers for required size.

ok cool will do that.

but what about the highlight any idea how i need to layout the codes?

If you mean the codes Q posted they would be used like this;


tried that, nothing happens, just normal font. no highlight