Help with V4 or Updating to V5

We use this at our curling rink as our bar POS.
We had a board member set up version 4 for free last year.
We are having some issues with it, for instance. When we make payments on account it doesn’t show up on the item sales screen so we have to record all that. So when you go to make a payment on the account and press save it saves but doesn’t print whos account and how much.
Also when you click on the Account screen to pay off an account or print it out it takes WAY too long. I am thinking I need to update to the new version but I am so computer iliterate and this board member is now gone. Can anyone help me? Either with fixing the problems we have on 4 or telling me how to update. Is there anyone available by phone to walk me through it? Thanks so much

I dont thik that is a SAMBA related problem. In my particular case the problems resides on my Notebook,even thoe its a core i5, its an old core i5, and hard drive its not fast enough to handle SQL…

Updating to the new version will bring a lot of benefits, really a lot, literally a lot!!!