Help writing a constraint

I need some help/pointers on how to write a constraint.

Usage: Restrict Fast Cash payment buttons from working unless Balance is 0. I want to prevent usage of Fast Cash button for less than amount owed. Reason being is it will print double payment and show a double tip on the receipt.

I figured it out thanks.

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Please share a document @kendash


5 = Whatever your fast cash button is setup to pay.

If it was a $10 fast cash button it would be:

[=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')]<10

Or if you have multiple actions on your button press and you do not want any of them to fire if balance is not equal or less than amount.

Put it as a custom constraint:

A $5 fast cash button custom constraint would look like:

[=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')] Less 5

Please help out with this constraint:
I am tryin to achieve executing a trigger which makes csv builder export sales report and save it. I have already created a trigger name called “Sales data” starts by 8 and an action “save sales report”, now am tryin to create the rule, I don’t know which constraint to put in “select actions”…

Aside from the word constraint your question has nothing to do with this thread. Start your own question and be more detailed. There are thousands of examples of rule constraints in the forum. Search for trigger as well it might help you.