Hey, I request if any body can do this

The thing is I am owing a restaurant and people usually buy sweets in grams so when I type .152 (For 152 gms) of sweet in receipt it is printed as .15 Sweet . Is there any way by which i can do something such that if i input quantity .15 (For 150 gms) it gives a print of 150 gm on the receipt .

More Examples

.15 of X = 150 gm X
.175 of X = 175 gm X
.072 of X = 72 gm X

I think it shouldn’t print .152 as .15.

How .152 appears on ticket when you save and re-open it?

Thank You so much emre

For example we sold 175 grams of a product.

###V4 Solution
Create 2 custom product tags.

Update Product tags for all products. Set multiplier as 1000 for all products you sell in grams. 1 for all other products. Also set Unit as Gram for products you sell in grams.

Change Order format on Printer Template as…

<J00>- [=TN('{QUANTITY}')*{ITEM TAG:Multiplier}] {ITEM TAG:Unit} {NAME}|{TOTAL PRICE}

:bulb: Also change gift and void formats.

###V5 Solution

I’ll also show another solution for V5 people. Without product tag configuration we can simply define a conditional format for all quantities these are less than 1. We assumed all quantities less than 1 should displayed in grams here.

<J00>- [=TN('{QUANTITY}')<1?F(TN('{QUANTITY}')*1000,'### Grams'):'{QUANTITY}'] {NAME}|{TOTAL PRICE}

@emre Now the problem is arising that its showing grams for quantities greater than 1 also :confused: Can’t it be like that gram is printed only on quantities less than 1 only and no unit is printed on quantities greater than or equal to 1. Please REQUEST

I think that is why Emre show V5 Solution as well. In V5 he shown above, it will show Grams when Quantity < 1.

Yes I thought you always sell it in grams. Conditional formatting is a V5 feature.
It will be an issue while reporting but maybe you can create a separate product for items that sold in KG.

If I purchase Samba POS 5 Will I be able to use the same licence on two laptops ?? As I have two POS in the same restaurant !

It is one license per database at the time (it mean you can change database and reset the license anytime). As long as you use the same database you can use as many terminals as you like.

Hi guys we have a butchery and the scenario is we use amount instead of quantity that is the customer comes and request give me meat fry worth 800 ksh which is 1kg another customer comes given me for 1200ksh which is more than a kg which multipliers do we use so that we track the quantity in grams coz the default samba multiplier is one(1)

Hey @tech2030 I have seen a pattern of you posting the same question in multiple posts hoping to get a response. Typically that does not get you a faster response and it usually only results in very old posts getting drudged up into the forum and might cause some confusion. The best thing to do is create a fresh new post and be very detailed with what your asking. Then just wait for a response. If you do not get a response the most common reason is you did not provide enough information to cause one of us to get interested enough to help.

If we feel we need to interrogate the person to figure out what they really need then sometimes we shy away because that takes a lot of time. But if your detailed and explain your situation and work flow that you need with details you will get a faster response.

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OK thank you for the information