Hi I am New to SambaPos. Save the ticket while settle button is pressed and then need to reopen that ticket

Could you please give the solution for below my query?
I need save the ticket while settle button is pressed and then need to reopen that ticket and do the payment… reopen means while going to the payment screen ticket details should be refreshed again.

Could you please give the solution for this it will great help for me…

Thank you in advance…

The default setup to close the ticket is to add orders and then press close, however this only works with an entity assigned such as a customer or table, or if you add a ticket tag

Then you can use the tickets menu (or create your own custom screen to display unoaid tickets) select the ticket to open it and press settle to go to the payment screen

Can you give more details about your operational flow, why do you want the ticket to close when pressing settle? That is not the design or defualt behaviour, and if changed you would need to setup another button to take you to the payment screen. Its advised not to change any default rules but create your own around them so you dont ‘break’ the basic processes

More of an explanation as to your operational flow will help us help you better

Hi RickH… Thank you very much for quick reply…
This is what i need to do it… We need to implement the special promotion calculation according to the payment method (Cash/ Credit Card (discount will different with card type.)). So for this i need the ticket to be saved to the DB, then I can apply inside the discount calculations… then reload the ticket it will show the new amount… so while going to the payment screen ticket details should be reloaded. Then payment will continue with least values… :slight_smile:

You dont need to close ticket to add discounts and calculations. Do you discount every order? You coild just setup a discount button to add the relevant discount amount then go straight to settle screen for payment

You could even create a cash button and a card button on pos screen that when pressed automatically adds the correct discount for cash or card and automatically then takes you to the settle screen to pay. If all tickets are discounted you could hide the settle button from the pos screen, or if they are not you would have all three buttons, cash, card and for tickets you dont want to add a discount you just press settle to pay as normal

This would save all the hassle of closing tickets and reopening and adding discount, it can all be done whilst ticket is open and be a much quicker process for you

So do you discount all tickets for cash or card payments? Or just for select customers?

Actually it would probably be better for you to put the discount buttons on the settle screen instead so you would add orders to the ticket, press settle to go to payment screen then on the payment screen press the cash or card discount buttons (that will add the relevant calculation discount to the ticket) then pay the ticket using the payment buttons

Thank you very much for your suggestions… I will try this… this is for selected customers and selected items …

Hi RickH… Thanks again for your suggestions… there is small problem for that…
my promotion calculation is done through a stored procedure so need to save the ticket. Promotion will apply to the ticket no.And my promotion calculation applies discounts into the calculations tables and points (for each payment will earn points according to the total amount) into a new table and finally updates the ticket note. So requirement is to have database records in the database table before moving into payment screen. Because payment screen should load the discount and ticket note already created in the tables.

Could you please advice what i can do it?

Can you give more detail with screenshots of your setup. Your explanation is not very clear.